NewEpoch is a creative innovation company located in Poland, which combines the world of science, business, and new technologies. We work alongside Polish Universities in order to discover and explore new ideas. Our goal is to propel your business into the New Epoch of Digital World, Big Data, Mobility, Social Media and Internet of Things.

Who we are

We are a group of motivatated individuals who love change, new ideas, and challenges. We put creativity and passion at the center of everything we do.
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We assist our clients in responding to different challenges created by new technologies and business models. We help them establish a clear perspective on how their current strategy and digital capabilities compare to modern industry standards.
We have designed our unique approach of creative business consulting services. We can bring additional benefits to your company in the form of fresh ideas, innovations or new business models that will change the rules of the game.
New Business Services and Models
We will help you to use the power of information contained in Big Data and hidden in your own systems. Thanks to our advanced analytics services you can find the source of your problems, optimize processes, improve efficiency in many aspects of your business.
Big Data and Advanced
Thanks to our personal experiences and expertise in many subjects including: modern technology, data science, project design, investment, operations and many others we can help you in different aspects of your business. With us you will achieve more and faster.
Business consulting
The current world is changing. It effects different aspects of live like: social behaviors, arts, politics, business models, even human brains. We will help you to design the optimal digital environment both for your clients and employees and plan all the steps of your digital transformation.
Digital Transformation
We can speed up your start-up project in the field of digital technology by providing expertise support to verify your idea, prepare business case, scan market, check the competition or execute market research.
By implementing new business models, using Big Data and Advance Analytics we can redesign your existing E-Commerce channel making it more efficient, competitive and attractive. You will know much more about your customers and provide them additional value and services.
Boosting E-Commerce
With our personal experiences and multi-pronged approach we can tackle any kind of IT related venture.

Our values

We put heart at everything we engage and inspire others.
Reliability is the foundation of our company. This is our most important commitment to our clients and employees.
Creativity and innovation is our bloodstream, which delivers energy to each part of our company.
Customer satisfaction is the most important goal. We always put it on the first place.

We look forward to helping you
Achieve your success!

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